We, PT. SIANA MARINA SERVICE, are a leading Indonesia crew agency. We supply all rank for all types and sizes of vessels, especially for fishing vessel.

We have supplied and delivered many crew working in the fishing vessels: purse seine,where can i buy essays online trawl, longline, squid jigger, processing vessel etc., and they all still young, energetic, about 18 to 25 years of old. Through our rigorous selection and tight training procedures, we have made them become accustomed with their working in the seafaring.

For decade, we have growing into a professional manning agency, that can accommodate thousands of crews for our ship owner.



渔船方面,我们有大量印尼船员在围网船、 gradesaver writers 拖网船、延绳钓、鱿鱼船、加工船等各类远洋渔船上工作。